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Prep your new employees for success.
(And stop giving them a boring handbook they probably won't read.)

Mobile-First Content

With bite-size modules and engaging activities, give them information they'll actually understand and remember.

100+ Crowdsourced Employee Questions

Put an end to random and repetitive questions with our super-thorough content bank.

Easy Edits & Updates

Has "edit handbook" been on your to-do list for months? Prepshift makes it fast and painless to keep policies and facts current.

Tired of explaining the same policy over and over again?

Your team needs information that's simple to digest, easy to remember, and quick to refer back to.

Create your interactive digital handbook

Quickly assemble your employee handbook and orientation using our templates, designed specifically for the
restaurant industry.

Already have a handbook?
We'll convert it to a digestible, accessible format that fits into your employee orientation.

Browse and customize our crowdsourced employee questions

Put an end to repetitive questions from your team. Our content bank helps you ensure that employees find answers when they need them.

  • Can I park at work?
  • Do I get a uniform?
  • Where should I put my stuff?
  • Should I use a specific bathroom?
  • How do I accrue sick time?
  • When are tips paid out?
  • Should I pick up the phone when it rings?
  • What if I forget to clock in?
  • How do I read my pay stub?
  • When can I go on break?

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of turnover takes place in the first 60 days¹


of restaurant employees turn over every year²


is the average cost to replace an employee³

Better onboarding reduces turnover.
You don't have any time to waste.

You need to get them up to speed and you need them to stay.

Prepshift makes it fast and easy to communicate policies,
expectations, and culture so your employees know you *give a shit.*

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